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It could recommend not only clothes, but shoes, accessories, lifestyle products and even treats for the grandkids. Still Have Style will share the latest fashion information within each category and list products which reflect these trends. 

I created this site out of frustration at not being able to find fashionable clothes that were suitable for my age group. This got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great if there was a website tailor made for the over 40’s. 

– Andrew Beer, Founder

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The short story behind Still Have Style

These listings will be recommendations for products found on various e-commerce websites, making StillHaveStyle your personal sourcing assistant. We find the ‘in vogue’ products for us ‘middle aged’ types, and post them all in one place, making them easier for you to find. A kind of ‘Fogue’ if you like. We are paid through commissions from the e-commerce sites that we work with, but you still pay the price as listed. So in effect this is a free service from your perspective. We hope you enjoy using this site and find plenty of products that suit the lifestyle of the midlife, generationX.